Safety Resource Associates negotiates with OSHA to lower your penalties

Need to Reduce OSHA Penalities?

A small investment in safety can result in big savings for your company, as well as fewer citations….and more productivity!

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Bulletproof Your Workplace Against Potential Violations

Inspection-based services for:

– Construction
–  General industry
– Municipal government 

  • Learn how to identify deficiencies and potential hazards
  • Program culminates with a customized risk avoidance plan.
  • As a result, you can expect  lowered Workers’ Comp premiums, better OSHA compliance, increased employee morale, and improved productivity.

All of these add up to a better bottom line for your business!


  • Worksite observations.
    Assessment of specific hazards including personal protective equipment.
  • Conducting a mock-OSHA inspection.
  • “Gap Analysis,” which identifies the regulatory and best industry safety & health practices that apply to your business.
  • These are compared to your current program to identify performance gaps.
  • These gaps are then ranked based on risk potential and prioritized into a written action plan.

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We can conduct emergency OSHA fine negotiations with regulators on your behalf.

Here's Why You Should Contest OSHA Violations:
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Since 2006, Safety Resource Associates’ team of legal and certified industrial professionals and has guided hundreds of satisfactory OSHA Informal Conference Settlements for clients.80% of All OSHA Violations are classified as SERIOUS, with fines to $13,047 each. We help you avoid that 80% and achieve these important business objectives:
  • – Prove that Abatement Is Technically or Financially Infeasible
  • – Find that Citation is Flawed or Excessive Initial Fines Have Been Proposed
  • – Citation is beyond Industry ‘Best Practices’ and causes competitive disadvantage
  • – Teach You How To Invest In Employee Safety & Health to Improve Your Company Reputation?
  • – Develop a ‘Core’ Business Activity or Complex Abatement Plan
  • – Reduce Risk of Costly Future OSHA ‘Repeat’ or ‘Failure-To-Abate’ Citations
  • – Control Insurance Costs, Coverage Limits & Future Civil Litigation
  • – Avoid Disqualification of Future Contract Bids, Pre-Qualification, or F.A.R.
  • – Reduce Criminal Referrals with Willful Violations Involving a Fatality

employee safety & health Training

  • Take control over your business insurance costs & coverage limits
  • Have a bulletproof plan to avoid future OSHA violations or civil litigation, and reduce fines 
  • Avoid disqualification of future contract bids
  • …and much more!
  • Contact us NOW to find out how you can put Safety Resource Associates on your team – without putting us on your payroll! We are your Risk Management guys!
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