Safety Resource Associates negotiates with OSHA to lower your penalties

Need to Reduce OSHA Penalities?

A small investment in safety can result in big savings for your company, as well as fewer citations….and more productivity!

Free overview of OSHA's new Covid-19 standards for Virginia Employers

All Virginia employers are required to have a Basic COVID Control Plan in place by September 1,  with a more comprehensive Plan is required for Higher COVID Hazard Employers by October 1.

If your business does not have a Covid  control plan, Safety Resource Associates can provide one! LEARN MORE…

Want to know the best way to reduce your Workers' Comp insurance premiums?

Taking steps to ensure your employees’ safety and well-being WILL lead your company to realize greater profitability, competitiveness, and improved employee morale.

The best way to reduce your company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums is by reducing the possibility of OSHA violations resulting in citations.

Start by taking THESE THREE STEPS:
(

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Bulletproof Your Workplace Against Potential Violations

SAFETY RESOURCE ASSOCIATES offers a continuum of inspection-based services applicable to construction, general industry, and municipal government clients.

  • Learn how to identify deficiencies and potential hazards
  • Program culminates with a customized risk avoidance plan.
  • As a result, you can expect  lowered Workers’ Comp premiums, better OSHA compliance, increased employee morale, and improved productivity.

All of these add up to a better bottom line for your business!


  • Worksite observations.
    Assessment of specific hazards including personal protective equipment.
  • Conducting a mock-OSHA inspection.
  • “Gap Analysis,” which identifies the regulatory and best industry safety & health practices that apply to your business.
  • These are compared to your current program to identify performance gaps.
  • These gaps are then ranked based on risk potential and prioritized into a written action plan.
  • Unknown Employee Misconduct caused the violation

Contact Safety Resources Associates right now to bulletproof your workplace against safety & health hazards.


We can conduct emergency OSHA fine negotiations with regulators on your behalf.

employee safety & health Training

  • Take control over your business insurance costs & coverage limits
  • Have a bulletproof plan to avoid future OSHA violations or civil litigation, and reduce fines 
  • Avoid disqualification of future contract bids
  • …and much more!
  • Contact us NOW to find out how you can put Safety Resource Associates on your team – without putting us on your payroll! We are your Risk Management guys!
Workplace safety training can lower workers compensation insurance rates - and claims