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Chris Chapman, CIH


Mr. Chapman is Director of Industrial Hygiene for ECS Mid-Atlantic.  His responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing industrial hygiene related projects across the company in the mid-Atlantic region.


Mr. Chapman has more than 35 years experience in a broad range of industrial hygiene and environmental/safety projects.


 As a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Mr. Chapman also serves as a resource in safety and industrial hygiene related issues for ECS in general.


Mr. Chapman performs all aspects of indoor air quality monitoring and evaluations including microbial assessments and remediation activity.


Other duties include performing and managing projects such as OSHA compliance surveys (for exposures to solvents, dusts, and noise) and development of recommendations for abatement of identified concerns.


Particular projects have included sampling and evaluation of various operations in both public and private sector facilities in the mid-Atlantic region involving Bioaerosols, air quality, noise, hazardous materials, welding, spray-painting, solvent manufacture/mixing, polishing/buffing, and recycling operations.


Other duties include performing ventilation assessments, expert witness testimony, and Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments.  Asbestos and lead services include building inspections for lead and asbestos, preparation of management plans for asbestos and lead, preparation of specifications and abatement plans for lead and asbestos removal projects, inspections and monitoring abatement contractors to ensure compliance with project specifications and applicable federal and state regulations, and final clearance testing to verify contractor’s completion of work.


• MS, Biomedical Engineering (Industrial Hygiene) Medical College of Virginia, 1996
• BS, Biology Education, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1988
• BS, Anthropology, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1986


• Certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene in Comprehensive Practice
• OSHA Health and Safety Training-29 CFR 1910.120
• OSHA Authorized Instructor – General Industry and Construction Industry
• Virginia Accredited/Licensed Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner
• Virginia Accredited/Licensed Asbestos Project Designer
• Virginia Accredited/Licensed Asbestos Project Monitor
• Virginia Accredited/Licensed Lead-Based Paint Inspector/Risk Assessor


1996-97  Participated as part of an exploratory committee for the University of Richmond in  Development of an Environmental Health and Safety undergraduate course program.
1996-97  President of Virginia Industrial Hygiene Council – Lobbying Group of the Virginia Local Section  chapters of the AIHA
1997-98 Participated as part of a focus group for the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University effort to establish a graduate Industrial Hygiene course Program.

 1998-2021  Member of a steering committee for the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (VOSH) annual conference.

2008-2012  Appointed  by Gov. of Virginia  –  DPOR Board for Home Inspectors, Asbestos, Mold and Lead
2014 – 2019  Member of the IICRC S540  Consensus  Committee  – Trauma Scene Clean-up Standard
2013- 2016  President  – CVS-AIHA (local chapter)


1991  Presented a paper on Quality Improvement of Asbestos Abatement Projects at the Virginia Safety Association’s annual meeting (Norfolk).
1995  Served as Program Chair for Environmental Auditing at the Central Virginia AIHA Fall Seminar  (Richmond).
1995  Presented a joint paper on Environmental Concerns During Renovation Projects at the Virginia Association of Physical Plant Administrators annual meeting (UVA, Charlottesville).
1996  Published an article in Virginia’s Environment (magazine) on The Impact of the New OSHA Regulations on Asbestos to Building Owners.
1996  Participated as part of a panel during the Virginia Land Institute’s Seminar on Environmental Concerns in Real Estate (Richmond).
2000  Participated in the AIHA National Leadership Conference held in Arlington, Virginia.
2001 Presented a paper to the Homebuilders Association of Richmond (Remodelers Council and Restoration Committee) on Indoor Air Quality and Microbial Evaluation and Testing
2002  Presented a joint paper on microbial assessment and remediation at the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry’s Annual Conference in Roanoke, Virginia
2002  Panel member for an open discussion/presentation on Addressing Microbial Concerns During Restoration Projects – Homebuilders Association of Richmond  (Remodelers Council and Restoration Committee) meeting
2002  Presented Paper on Solving Indoor Air Quality Concerns at the Winter Meeting of the Virginia Community College System
2003  Conducted a joint presentation to the Richmond Bar Association on Mold and Litigation Concerns
2004  Presented a paper on Current Issues in Mold Abatement to the Southwest Virginia Waste    Management Association Annual Meeting
2005  Presented a paper on Solving Indoor Air Quality Problems to the Architect of the Capital – Washington D.C.
2010  Presentation to  Central Virginia Section of the American Society of Safety Engineers on Industrial Hygiene Sampling
2011  Co-presented  presentation at the EIA National Meeting in Savannah, “So You Have to Testify”
2012  Presented a Presentation to the Assurance Societies of Virginia (trade association of insurance groups) on mold
2013  Co-presented a paper at the EIA National Meeting in Washington DC on Problem Abatement Projects.
2014  Presenter – Apartment Safety Coalition Conference Chesterfield Virginia
2014  Presented Asbestos, LBP, and mold issues  in housing at AHMA Conference in Richmond Va
2014  Presented papers on H&S considerations on Meth Lab Clean-ups, and EHS Certifications at the 2014 VOSH Conf. Roanoke Va
2015  Presented a paper at the EIA National conference in Atlanta Ga on Exposure to heavy metals during Aircraft Hanger Clean-up.
2016  Presented paper on IICRC S-540 Trauma Scene Clean-up Standards at the 2016 VOSH Conf.
2017  Publication – Contributor and Consensus Committee   ANSI/IICRC S540 Trauma and Crime Scene Clean-up
2017  Presented Hazardous Materials at the Virginia Society of Healthcare Engineer Conference Fredericks Virginia
2017  Presented Asbestos, LBP, and mold issues  at the PMA Maintenance Summit  in  Greenbelt Md
2017  Presented Overview of the new BSR*/IICRC S540  Trauma and Crime Scene Clean-up Standard at EIA National Conf. in Orlando Fla.
2018  Publication on asbestos misconceptions May 2018 issue of PMA magazine
2019  Overview of EHS certifications – 24th Annual VOSH Conference September 2019 Va Beach Va
2020  AGC Environmental Conf.  – co-presented Mold and Moisture concerns in new Construction July 2020
2020  Presentation Environmental Hazards for chapter meeting of
Roanoke Valley Association of Realtors Oct. 2020
2021  Overview of EHS certifications – Annual VOSH Conference March 2023 Va Beach Va  
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