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Safety Resource Associates - Expert Witness Service for OSHA Violation Cases

Workplace Accident Expert Witness Service

Our expert witnesses are highly credentialed and peer-respected professionals in their fields, with a broad range of expertise in construction and industrial safety.

Virginia’s Strongest, Most Effective Expert Witnesses for Construction and Industrial Accident Cases.

Call Ed Boulanger at (804) 310-6396, or email Safety Resource Associates for a confidential, no-cost consultation for your expert witness needs.

Safety Resource Associates has provided expert witness technical support to attorneys, including cases with serious personal injury and fatalities, in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, since 2006.

  • We will develop an appropriate response to protect your corporate and personal safety and health legal exposures.
  • Cases have involved complex preparation for litigation which involve appeal of OSHA safety and health citations.

Expert Witness: The one person you NEED on the stand.

Expert Witness Service by Safety Resource Assoc., LLCIn order to provide juries with a basis to make informed decisions, expert witnesses are necessary. The expert witness team at Safety Resource Associates provides highly effective testimony related to all aspects of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, risk management, and OSHA requirements.

  • Our credentialed experts are recognized as top-level in their fields by their peers.
  • Bolstered by experience in public speaking or teaching, they are highly effective communicators.
  • They exhibit confidence, consistency, attention to detail, trustworthiness, and experience.
  • They provide detailed reports supporting their opinions.
  • They are consistent from case to case with testimony supported by facts based on rigorous research methods.
  • They possess the ability to summarize complex scientific, medical, or specialized facts in a concise way for the jury to understand.

Contact us now to discuss your expert witness needs.

Serving Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic states with decades of exceptional consulting and industrial expert witness services since 2006. Virginia Authorized OSHA 10 & 30 Training
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OSHA Compliance Hotline: (804) 310-6396

OSHA Compliance Hotline:
(804) 310-6396

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