Watch free presentation about OSHA's Covid 19 Standards as of Sept 2020 Click here to view the complete presentation prepared by Safety Resource Associates and Conn Maciel Law Firm regarding OSHA’s lastest standards regarding COVID 19 for employers.

Free overview of OSHA's new Covid-19 standards for Virginia Employers

Everything You Need to Know About Virginia OSHA's New Covid 19 Standards

All Virginia employers are required to have a Basic COVID Control Plan in place by September 1,  with a more comprehensive Plan is required for Higher COVID Hazard Employers by October 1.


If your business does not have a Covid  control plan, Safety Resource Associates can provide one! The deadlines of the Emergency Temporary Standard are rapidly approaching – so if your company has not yet completed its plan, Safety Resource Associates  suggests you contact us ASAP to reserve your copy of this “Road Map” For VA Emergency COVID Regulation compliance.


This “How To” plan, provided in print or digital version, is the result of our professional collaboration with Conn Maciel, a Virginia law firm, to create this modestly priced program. It is designed to document that most SRA Clients do not require the Comprehensive Infectious Control Program, which is required for Higher COVID Hazard Virginia Employers by the new Virginia Emergency Temporary COVID – 16CVA25-220, which became effective July 27th with newspaper publication by VOSH.




Now is the time to act …


Don’t wait for employees to become ill and absent form work — or for the Virginia Department of Health or VOSH to contact you about reported illnesses or employee complaints.


To get your Covid 19 Employers Plan, contact Ed Boulanger at Safety Resource Associates.

We Can Guide Your Company's Response to COVID-19

Contact us for updates to guide your company response. We are here to help and our team of certified safety & health professionals stands ready to assist your business in coping with the pandemic. 


What should your organization being doing today?

By now you are already asking yourself:
– Does my organization need to do anything in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic?
–  What’s going too far?
–  What’s not doing enough?

These are the questions running through the minds of many managers today.

First and foremost assess your risk. What is your exposure? What would the impact be to your organization if an outbreak were to occur in your workplace?

Monitor the situation daily to keep abreast of the spread of the virus and potential threat to your organization.

Dealing with Covid-19 at the Workplace

We are being bombarded with news about the coronavirus. It is something to be taken seriously, but sorting through the hype versus the practical can be overwhelming.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the situation is fluid. Because this is a new virus, we don’t know much about it, but public health experts are learning more each day. The more we learn, the better we can prepare and keep things in perspective.

–   Those infected appear to be contagious for approximately 7-9 days. That is a relatively long period of time and one reason those who have been exposed are being quarantined.  It is also a fact that persons can carry the virus and show no symptoms, furthering the risk of infection spread.

Thus, non-essential employees should be encouraged to stay home to prevent becoming infected.

– Provide essential employees with the tools necessary to protect themselves from risk of infection while on the job – gloves, masks, sterilizing hand washes or well-equipped wash stations. Make sure all employees know the symptoms of exposure and infection.

–  It is estimated that someone infected with the virus will spread the infection to 2-3 other people.

Thus, ensure that adequate spacing between not only employees but also customers with whom they come in contact is maintained at a minimum six-foot distance. Additionally, the customers themselves should be kept six feet apart for their own protection.

– This virus does not discriminate and anyone who is exposed and even those in otherwise good health can be infected and become seriously ill.

Ed Boulanger
Principal Risk & Safety Consultant
Safety Resource Associates, LLC

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