Dr. Leonard Vance

Leonard Vance, Safety Resource Associates
Leonard Vance, Safety Resource Associates

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Dr. Leonard Vance


Dr. Vance is an Attorney at Law (JD), Professional Chemical Engineer (PE), and a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).

His technical expertise is recognized by OSHA, fellow Industrial Hygienists, the chemical community and his colleagues at the VCU School of Engineering.

Dr. Vance is available for as an expert witness for chemical and industrial accident cases as well as technical and legal consultation to guide all SRA assignments.

Question: How do you eat the angry elephants in your room?

Q: How Do You Eat the Angry Elephants in the Room?

Safety Training Questions


One carefully planned bite at a time! 

 You may already know your workplace is out of OSHA compliance in many areas, but where do you start? And when will you find time and energy with so many other balls in the air that you often feel like a tired circus juggler … It can be so demoralizing.

Unless you’re an auto mechanic, you wouldn’t even try to repair your own car. Would you? Instead, you would hire an expert . . .an experienced and certified auto mechanic. 

 So why would you try to solve all those those complex workplace safety and health problems by yourself? Hiring a professional is time and very money well invested. 

 SRA has experienced and certified safety and health professionals to conduct a compliance inspection of your workplace and prioritize deficiencies and opportunities to guide your future improvements.

We will complete a “Gap Analysis” to identify and prioritize corrective actions and determine where your highest risks are. We will assess compliance risks as well as accident and injury risks to help you prioritize where you are the most vulnerable — and where the best profit opportunities are for you in the year ahead!

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