The Leveraged Economics of Safety & Health

Experienced employees are your most valuable asset. They need to be healthy and at work to be productive.

It follows that a company with happy, engaged, and healthy employees will see improved production and a healthier bottom line!

The National Safety Council estimates that for every dollar a company invests in Employee Safety & Health,  they will receive a 500% average return on their investment. This investment continues to yield for years into the future.

Say your company recently had to pay a $10,000 accident or illness expense.

At the 6% average U.S. profit margin,  you must add another $166,667 in incremental sales to cover that expense.

In addition, there’s OSHA to worry about. Most OSHA citations are categorized as SERIOUS violations by your company.  An OSHA fine has an initial maximum proposed penalty of up to $13,047.

This is a completely avoidable expense if you invest in pro-active measures to protect the safety and health of your employees in the workplace.

This is accomplished by having your jobsite or workplace assessed for risk, closing the gaps where deficiencies are found, training your employees in the health and safety of themselves and others at work, and providing them with safety & training manuals to follow best practices.

Improving Safety & Health is the BEST investment you can make in the future of your company. Safety Resource Associates can provide you with all these services, and can help you achieve a safe, healthy workplace, improved productivity, happier employees, and a potentially improved PROFITABILITY.

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